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For the first time a genuine insider on the European Tour is prepared to after much negotiation release his private bets every week to a limited number of members.

For at least 40 weeks a year our man is on the Tour at all the Tournaments working for a Major Golf Company. He has the ear of Major Players, coaches and caddies. If they are important on the European Tour then he knows them. A 20 year career in golf has been matched by a 20 career developing his golf betting and knowledge of the players and the courses.

Every week he will release his best bets on Tuesday morning live from the venue so members can grab the value and get on with plenty of time to spare till Thursday morning. He knows who fancies it each week and who does not and who suits which course because he has been to them all many times. He has more knowledge than the Bookmakers and that is how he beats them and how you will too.

Our Golf Insider has a long standing deal with an American golf expert who is linked to the Major Sports books in Vegas and we can proudly announce that as well as The European Tour bets on Tuesdays we will be heading Stateside every Wednesday. Yes, we have the hottest American tips out there every Wednesday from our Golf Insiders American contact.

Golf Betting offers the chance for big profits from big priced winners and we are looking for members who want to play the long game and are searching for long term profits. We believe we have found the very best golf tipsters anywhere on both Tours to create the perfect storm of winners and a complete nightmare for the Bookmakers.

All tips are delivered in real time by both email and of course Whats App for those of you wanting to grab your bets on the go. Once signed up you will get full details of how best to plan your bank and an explanation of how his staking will work.

Plus exclusive details of how to join The On The tour Whats App group to get right up to the minute updates and your bets as soon as they are released.

Over 1,700 Points Profit for an exclusive bunch of long term members and now thanks to WAP Tipsters you can get on the inside as well.

His bets made a massive 1700 plus point profits in just under 4 years until owing to illness and family issues he had to take a break earlier this year. But now he is back and raring to go and with a few weeks back under his belt out on the tour he is armed with the ammunition to make those bookies pay again! 

All Results for the On The tour Service can be found:
Thankyou for your interest! We look forward to sharing our top golf betting advise with you!
WAP Bets. - International House, 12 constance Street, London, E16 2DQ, United Kingdom

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£16.49 GBP for the first 30 days
Then £43.00 GBP for each 30 days
£16.49 GBP for the first 30 days
Then £69.00 GBP for each 3 months